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"BULLET", the new single from Eyes Like Ice off of their Debut Ep, "Brace For Impact", slated for release in the fall of 2021. Bullet was written and recorded during the pandemic of 2020 which is evident in the overall angst and subject matter the band had no choice but to attack. It is an epic depiction of the seemingly apocalyptic times we may very well be living in and as human beings coping with the fact that we may have no ability to stop it. And that maybe it's even meant to be that way. Predestined to the same outcome over and over. Much the same as the Hopi Indians explain in their ancient texts. As of June 3rd 2021,"Bullet" is now in regular rotation at terrestrial radio and as of June 18th, "BULLET" is now available on all music streaming and download sites.

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'Blind', the debut single from Eyes Like Ice, produced and featuring 'Hugo Ferreira', singer songwriter of the multi-platinum band 'Tantric' on backing vocals is about becoming an enlightened human being. An epiphany or sudden moment of awakening inside your mind, body and soul or as some say, becoming woke. Its about not falling victim to the lies we're constantly being fed from every direction. Its about the moment where you're finally able to pull back the curtains and see the truth behind the lies. It can be a gift and and it can be a curse. But would you rather stay locked inside the matrix, pacified in ignorant bliss or would you rather immerse yourself in the reality that we are the change necessary to heal the present state of the world. 

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